Steven Tan

"Young man yells at cloud!"

What do I do?

I'm a DevOps Engineer focusing mainly on the 2 major cloud platforms (AWS and Azure). All things cloud and automation are my main interests and hopefully you'll find what I share interesting As a side note, the posts on my blog are my own opinions and are in no way related to or influenced by my employer.

Focus of the blog?

This blog's main focus will be cloud / server technologies and automation with a splash of gaming.

AWS Code Artifact Proxy

The AWS Code Artifact proxy is a service that simplifies the process of pulling libraries and tooling from AWS Code Artifact repositories. This allows developers and servers to use standard package managers like pip and npm without having to install aws-cli (and maange credentials) just to download code.

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Recent Endeavours

A game hosting company trusted by gamers and organisations worldwide. I am responsible mainly for their websites and some server clusters which are used for production purposes. They have been very reliably catering for the needs of Australian gamers and gaming organisations for the past decade so why not give them a try Shameless Plug

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