First Blog Post

My first blog post after 2 years!

Posted by Steven Tan on 28th March 2017

Epic Sax Guy Epic Sax Guy This blog post marks the creation of the new website. It's status was "website / server under maintenance" for approximately 2 years and I've finally bothered to take it out of maintenance (yaay!)

Why though? Why did it take so long?

Mainly because I couldn't be bothered and also didn't have enough time to fully develop a working CMS. It's only recently become "mature" enough to be publicly accessible (once again, time constraints didn't allow me to work on it).

Also, the course I'm currently studying requires a blog in order for me to pass subjects :(

A few places currently being worked on are as outlined below:

What will you be posting?

This blog will be mostly about projects I work on, server technologies and some scripting. If you enjoy that kinda stuff, I guess you might like it here.